Impact St Dalèl

Impact Dalèl Foundation

We are particularly proud and grateful that in the difficult years after 2011 in which many Bedouins were forced to sell their camels due to the collapse of tourism, not only the survival of sixteen Camels of seven families is still safe through the Adoption Program but that we even achieved more!

Nine camels were rescued from slaughter or otherwise and relocated.

And in recent years we have also been able to improve the well-being of Camels by starting new projects!
Ten Camels were castrated in 2016 & 2020, which is unique in Sinai!
Camels have been examined and treated, a lot has been done and still being done about prevention and we also improved their diet!

For this we thank all our Donors, Adopters and Dr. Mohammed, without whom we could not and cannot do all this!

Increase Impact

Not only do we hope to continue this for a long time, but we also hope to increase our impact!