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The situation of the Bedouin – and therefore also for Camels   – has changed drastically in recent decades, already before the revolution in 2011 .

This applies to all Bedouin in Sinai, whether they live in the coastal villages or in settlements in the desert.

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” … ..We know that we can’t return to our old way of life: wandering through the desert.
This is caused by a drier desert, the modern times but also by the increase of people, also within our tribes.
Because of all the changes in the past decades we are very focused on our identity, looking for our own balance between our culture and knowledge of the desert versus going along with the modern era …. ” 

Thus the Bedouins.

Vision Dalèl Foundation concerning Existence & Survival:

In the Western world we don’t move on horseback anymore and yet the Horse is not extinct, on the contrary.

Bedouin (Arabic desert nomads) are originated desert people – thus nature people – with great knowledge and wisdom about Camels, the Desert and all desert live.
Many of us are so drifted away from Nature and therefore sometimes from ourselves that there is a great need for Nature…and thus also for the Bedouin and the Camel.

Because with the great inner peace of the camel and in his step we experience connection with Nature. Feeling reconnected with ourselves again.

The Dalèl Foundation therefore believes in the survival of the Bedouin and the Camel because it is precisely in these changing times that they have a role to play; they have a lot to offer mankind in our need for nature and in that role it will be possible for them to find a way to co-exist.

In helping  and supporting camels, the Foundation ensures that owners are not made dependent and that they remain responsible for their animals at all times.

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The Desert Treks of DesertJoy (www.desertjoy.nl ) are also an important part of this process: as we travel around with the Bedouin and their camels, a part of their nomadic existence remains and they earn money with their traditional, disappearing culture, so that with their income from DesertJoy they can adapt to the world in their own way and according to their own choice.

The Camel represents the ability
To comprehend the value of water as a life source
To transform the burdens we carry
To understand the size of the Universe
To adapt to changing times