Instead of Adopt you can also become a Donor for one of the other Projects!

Monthly or just whenever it suits you.

Doneren-Donate Stichting Dalel

How to become a Donor

Do you want to donate on a regular base, for example monthly? Yes, please!

  • The easiest way is to set your chosen donation amount in your own internet banking environment. The Foundation does not do any direct debit authorizations.
    Details Donation Payment:
    The Iban account number of the Foundation is:
    NL20 RABO 0136 4896 56 – Stichting Dalèl – Hoogvliet (the Netherlands)
    BIC (Swift) Code: RABO NL2U
    Or: PAYPAL
    See also our PAYPAL donate button on the footer of this website.
  • Please send us an e-mail with your name, adres and e-mail info so we can Thank You!
    Mail to:
    If you wish to donate anonymously then this is of course also possible.

With your donation you can let us know what you want what your donation should be spent on or you let the Foundation decide!

At Food Support for example, adoption camels are helped who aren’t been fully adopted yet!

More ways to Support


Do you have a party or a celebration … but you don’t want a gift for yourself but for a good cause? Remember the Dalèl Foundation!

Include the Dalèl Foundation in your will … no one likes to think about it, yet there are more and more people who want to do something good for the world after they are no longer here.

Become a participant of DesertJoy… This is how you help unnoticed: not only you’ll experience the Touch of the Desert by giving yourself a unique journey as a gift, but also the Bedouins have work and therefore retain their knowledge of the desert, and the camels are back in their natural environment …! Please note, Desert & Camels can be highly addictive!

Your expertise … offering your expertise or talent or if you know some one who can provide valuable help or knowledge. For example, the Foundation is also looking for translators who can help translate into Arabic.

Sponsoring … do you have a company that lends itself to sponsoring for printing, for example, or do you know someone? Nice!

Tell about the Dalèl Foundation…at parties and celebrations. We’re happy to send you flyers!

You can also make a donation in our donation shop below! You can donate in our donation shop via Paypal and Creditcard.

Thank You!