the camel symbolizes - dalel foundation



To Improve Camel Well-Being in Dahab – South Sinai, Egypt, due to:

  • Rising feed prices
  • An ever drying desert and therefore a reduction of vegetation
  • Lack of veterinary care for camels
  • Lack of work in summer for camel owners
  • Increasingly scarce space for camel owners in Dahab to house their camels


To Ensure the Survival of Camels, due to:

  • The collapse of tourism since 2011 versus the fact that most Bedouins depend on tourism
  • The fact that Bedouins have no or little acces to regular jobs
  • Many Bedouins already were forced to sell their camels to slaughter
  • The resulting shortage of suitable, healthy and reliable camels
  • A Bedouin culture which is more and more under pressure


Therefore: to ensure the survival of Camels so that when tourism is on the rise again,  they will be able to continue working with their beloved Camels and hand down their knowledge to younger generations!


To Give the animal The Camel more recognition in The Netherlands and beyond

In Memoriam: May 2022 Fraij passed away
As a tribute his film from 2012