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Adoption Program – Adopt a Camel!

This project started in 2012, the adoption program contributes highly to the survival of Camels! Thanks to the adoption program, at least 16 camels are safe and these families still have an income with their own, disappearing nomadic culture!

Curious about the camels in the adoption program and do you want to connect with a camel for a longer period and follow his/her life?

food support stichting dalel

Food Support

You can also become a donor instead of an adoptor! Monthly or just simply whenever it suits you.

With your donation you can let us know what you want what your donation should be spent on or you let the foundation decide!

At Food Support, adoption camels are helped who aren’t been fully adopted yet!

basics4camels stichting dalel

Basics4Camels: Prevention!

The Camel is by nature a hardy animal.

A disadvantage of this is that a camel does not show quickly if there is something wrong with him.

But a big advantage is that a lot is achieved with camels through prevention!

Medische zorg stichting Dalèl

Medical Care

The Camel is an animal with a different constitution compared to cattle, horses, dogs, cats etc.

There is no good veterinarian with knowledge of camels present in Dahab.

Herbs, pressure points, wound sprays, vaccinations: old knowledge and methods of the Bedouins combined with a co-operation since 2016 with an Egyptian veterinarian in Cairo, specialized in working animals!

castratie-ruinen project stichting dalel

Castration/Gelding Project

This project is a one of a kind in Sinai – and maybe in the entire Middle East – because castration of male Camels is not done among bedouins, partly due to religion.

However, gelding of male camels greatly contributes to their well-being!

In October 2016 we had our first castration round for six camels and a second round took place in October 2020, 10 camels in total are now being helped!

halster project stichting dalel

Halter Project

This project is in co-operation with the Bedouin women to bring back the authentic halters from the past.

The halters are being handmade from the wool of their goats.

This way not only the Bedouin women are being supported but also these halters are more comfortable for Camels!

Desert Clean Ups for Food

Desert Clean Ups for Food!

This Win-Win project emerged due to the worldwide corona crisis in which tourism stopped. After a months-long Food campaign the foundation decided to continue the food campaign after the summer of ’20 because in Trek season we can do something in return: clean up (parts of) the Desert!

After three Clean Ups it was clear how necessary the Clean Ups are and we decided to make the Clean Ups a regular part, project!