Media Publications

December 2019 :

Dahabian – From Dahab with Love!

In December 2019 the first editon of Dahabian was released in South Sinai, all about Dahab in which also the Dalel Foundation is mentioned!

The Dalel Foundation in Dahabian Magazin
Dahabian Magazine

7 September 2016 :

Interview Reishonger – De Aanraking van de Woestijn

How a Dutchie became a camelwoman

2 July 2015 :

Studio Alphen – Interview in ‘Het Heldere Uur’

1 June 2015 :

Interview in radio broadcast ‘Wakker Rijnmond’ from Radio Rijnmond

Rotterdamse Joyce woont met haar kamelen in de Sinaï

13 April 2015 :

Article in newspaper De Telegraaf ‘Big Furry Love’

January 2014 :

Onkruid Yearbook by Things That Make You Feel Good for the Dalèl Foundation

28 January 2012 :

Article in regional newspaper Zeeland ‘Camel dung doesn’t smell’ in response to an action from the Rainbowschool in Middelburg for the Dalèl Foundation

December 2010 :

Ode Magazine, column Intelligent Optimist: ‘Care for Camels’

About the Dalèl Foundation, sended and written by Manon Wortel

December 2009 :

Esta – Reportage ‘Dutch nomad in Sinai ‘

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